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Michael S. Hall
Guild & Studio Projectionist
46 years of Experience
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About Michael S. Hall


Selected employment highlights:


Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Academy of Television Arts and Sciences>
Big Newport - Chief projectionist
Cal State Northridge CTVA Department
LA Center Studios
Super Vista
    (CBS, Hollywood, Lantana & Vine St.)

American Film Market
Big Bear Lake International Film Festival
Lake Arrowhead International Film Festival
Newport Beach Film Festival @ Lido
Newport Beach International Film Festival
Sundance Film Festival

Murder By Numbers - Location Projectionis

ET: The Extra-Terrestrial Premier at the Shrine
with John Williams conducting.

Screenings in private homes for a variety of Celebrities,
Executives and a Head-of-State.

Michael S. Hall                                  Story in the L.A. Times
President and Founder
Screening Services Group &
The Wilshire Screening Room and Art Gallery
in Beverly Hills, CA, USA

The Wilshire Screening Room is the Highest Ranked and most popular screening in the country. It is the only privately held screening room in the Los Angeles area that is a union signatory, with current projectionist wages at $43.68 per hour, that has a Christie 4K 3D HFR DLP projector, Dolby Atmos and every video format currently in use. Our 3D uses a white screen, so no silver screen hot spot. We feature 50 custom made seats and can add 6 regular chairs as needed to reach a capacity of 56. Our rates are $200-$600 per hour, depending on day, time and format. We are available 24/7/365.

We have a $150,000 Clipster in house for DCP creation. We charge $10-$20 per minute for 2D, 3D, 2K, 4K and HFR, a QC screening is included in the rate.

Michael's Great Grandfather started with the IATSE in 1908 and Michael's Grandfather in 1935. I joined the IATSE in 1984 as a movie theatre projectionist and later became Guild and studio projectionist and Projection Engineer. After various union local mergers, I am now a member of Local 33, the Los Angeles County Stagehands local. I am a proud union member and signatory and believe in high wages for all workers. The lowest wage that I pay is for filing paperwork and cleaning carpets and that is $16.80 per hour.

Throughout the years, Michael has had some association with nearly every major company in the entertainment industry. I have screened movies for audiences of as few as one and as much as 4,000. The most that I have ever been paid as an employee was 8 hours at $160 per hour for screening movies at a billionaires home on Christmas Day and that was what he was offered and he did not request.

In Michael's profession and business, he is recognized by many in the industry as the best in the world. Referred to as an expert and guru among other titles. He has been filmed in two documentaries as an expert on the movie industry. He continues to be pestered to speak on a radio program every Friday afternoon that discusses the movie industry. Due to extreme shyness and a sever dread of public speaking, he has not done so yet.


Big Bear Lake International Film Festival
Lake Arrowhead International Film Festival
Waterfront Film Festival

Outside engineering:

Crest National Labs
Private Screening Rooms
Super Vista

Contract Engineer:

Theatre Service & Supply

Technical Advisor:

Big Bear Lake International Film Festival

Technical Director:

Big Bear Lake International Film Festival
Lake Arrowhead Film Festival
Waterfront Film Festival


Screening Services Group
Wilshire Screening Room

Michael's second time attending the Oscars

Michael covers 95 percent of all special screenings and Premieres in Westwood, California as the union projectionist. Michael has in the past and will continue in the future to cover various Film Festivals, Premieres and other special screenings throughout the United States as a Projection Engineer, Technical Director and Screening Engineer. Michael is willing to travel worldwide, but has not done so for any jobs thus far.

Michael's longest work day at 52 hours was in March 2014. It began at 1:30pm on Wednesday and ended at 5:30pm on Friday. It started with an email, while Michael was at Disneyland; it continued in Orange County and then to Los Angeles County as Michael picked up new and my existing equipment and continued to Beverly Hills for equipment testing and loading. At 1am on Thursday, Michael and his employee left for Phoenix. Michael was able to get two 15min naps on the way. At 8:45am, they arrived at the Perfoming Arts Center and unloaded; set up and tested our 5.1 sound system, Digital Cinema Projector and Cinema Server and a Mac Pro 12 core for preshow material and completed a run through and an evening screening; after the screening, we struck the equipment and reloaded. At 12:45am on Friday, they started our return trip. Michael was able to get four naps for a total of 2.5 hours, arriving back in Beverly Hills at 8am. Michael took two hours to go home and wash up and he was back at the Wilshire Screening Room at 10am and ran screenings till 5:30pm.

Michael has done screenings that were last minute, emergency screenings and screenings that the client told Michael that they were told by a higher level studio executive and by the biggest company that supplies equipment for screenings that it could not be done. The client was referred to Michael and of course, Michael did the screening as they requested.

Michael's current union scale day rate as projectionist for Premiers and special screenings is $702.08 and Michael's day rate as a Screening Engineer is $1,000.00.

Screening Services Group and continues to supply 2K and 4K Christie and Nec projectors, Cinema Servers, Video decks, 5.1 and 7.1 sound systems, screens, both with and without Projection Engineers, or Screening Engineers to screenings at a Facebook Executives home for an outdoor screening in Atherton, CA; the Cesar Chavez outdoor screening in Delano, CA for the United Farm Workers that made the LA News Broadcast; the Performing Arts Centers in Phoenix and Tempe, AZ; various movie and TV studios, Talent Agencies and Post Production facilities and labs; homes of celebrities, Movie Studio, Music and TV executives, and the Prime minister of Saudia Arabia; various movie theatres and Performing Arts venues in the LA Area.

Michael has been an early adopter in trying to help the environment. I started using canvas shopping bags and low flow water devices in the early 90's; early generation LED room lighting in 2007; a Prius in 2011 and a Tesla in 2013 and just recently became a vegetarian. That was for health reason, to help protect the environment and to stop the abuse of animals in factory farms.

In September 2014, two studios agreed to hire Michael as their Screening Engineer for their important screenings and You Tube Space LA contracted with Screening Services Group for Michael to be their Screening Engineer and Digital Cinema Projection equipment supplier for screenings at their Playa Vista Studios.

As of September 2014, Michael started reviewing sites to open two additional screening rooms in the Los Angeles area.


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