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Outside Equipment Rental Rates
Within the Los Angeles Studio Zone

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Note: For all screenings at the Wilshire Screening Room, all necessary equipment and a projectionist are included in the hourly rates listed on page 1 of this rate sheet.


Projectionist / Engineering Services

Projectionist for 4 hours, no equipment supplied

$320 (No charge for travel time)
Projection engineer $80 per hour (4hr min, including travel time)
Film festival projectionist/projection engineer $750 per day, plus expenses
Screening Engineer (16 hour) $1,000 per day
Union Projectionist (16 hour) $744.96 per day


Deck Rentals

Rates below include Projectionist/Engineer for 5 hours,
deck below and all necessary cabling for set-up.

(5 hours to include travel time to/from rental location starting/ending at 8670 Wilshire Blvd.)

Additional rental hours
(after the initial 5 hours)


Dolby Show Player, Doremi or GDC (3D DCP)
Dolby Show Player, Doremi or GDC (2D DCP)


HDCAM-SR (Includes DMA8 Plus, if needed)


D5 (Includes DMA8 Plus, if needed) $700


    w/ Dolby E (DMA8 Plus)


Mac Pro - 12 Core




Digi-Beta or Beta-SP$500
HDV, DVCam or Mini-DV




Blu-ray or HD-DVD




Christie SKA-3D
Doremi Dimension-3D
Davio 3D separator
Folsom Image Pro HD
Teranex 2D
Teranex 3D
DMA8Plus/Scaler Rentals w/o deck rental


(Scaler included with projector rental.)

Projector Rentals

Christie CP2210 (2K projector)
(For screens up to 45ft wide)
(IMB ChristieDCP server $250 per day)

*$500 per day

Christie CP2215 (2K projector)
(For screens up to 50ft wide)
(IMB ChristieDCP server $250 per day)

*$500 per day

NEC 800c (2K projector)
(For screens up to 26ft wide)

*$750 per day

NEC 1600c (2K projector)
(For screens up to 56ft wide)

*$1,000 per day

Christie CP4220 (4K projector)
(For screens up to 70 ft wide)

*$1,250 per day

Christie CP4230 (4K projector)
(For screens up to 105 ft wide)

*$1,500 per day

* Set up and operation can be done locally if approved by SSG. If not, Projectionist/Engineer for any projector rental is $80 per hour and is to include travel time.

Rental time includes: travel time, set-up/break-down (included with the Christie CP4220), run-thru (or quick test), guest entry and the actual screening time

1.26 Wide Angle Converter Lens with
Motorized Auxillary Lens Mount

$250 per day

(Travel time to/from rental location starting/ending at 8670 Wilshire Blvd.)

Speaker Rentals (perforated)

Dolby 5.1 or 7.1 sound system,
including amps and speakers

$750 per day

Screen Rentals (front and rear projection)

14'4" wide
$625 per day
16'0" wide
$750 per day
24'0" wide
$750 per day
36'0" wide
$1,000 per day